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The best male competitor regardless of division or league within bodybuilding.

The biggest, most bulging biceps. The toughest forearms. The tightest triceps.

Often the favorite of many bodybuilders – here’s the bodybuilder with the very best chest of all.

Never. Skip. Leg Day. These bodybuilders did the seemingly impossible and sculpted the perfect legs that stand out above all others.

The most mammoth back of 2022. The kind that look like mountains or batwings or Christmas trees.

Posing is more than just showcasing your physique – it’s about originality and engaging the audience. So which of these bodybuilders had the most electrifying posing routine of 2022?

These are the driest, grainiest, tight as hell bodybuilders showcasing the most shredded of the bunch in 2022.

Who was the best guru coaching and molding the top bodybuilders to compete?

Some bodybuilders are popular outside of pure competition – namely because of their larger than life personalities. It’s time to decide who has the best bodybuilding personality of the bunch.

There are movers and shakers in the fitness industry regardless of their own personal physique. It’s time to decide who the biggest fitness influencers are of 2022!

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