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Our program is founded on goal 2 of sustainable development: ending hunger, achieving food security and improving nutrition among young and vulnerable lactating mothers in slums and informal settlements of Eastlands Nairobi. Hunger is often not a food problem; it’s a logistics problem. Nearly 15-30% of food is wasted. Whereas billions of pounds of food go to waste, every year, 1 in 4 people suffer malnourishment.

Our food pantry systems capture surplus food and deliver it to the young vulnerable mothers who need it most. We realize this by engaging all sectors of society (governments, businesses, and civil organizations) in the process. We acquire donated food, much of which would otherwise be wasted, from farms, manufacturers, distributors, retail stores, consumers, and other sources, making it available to the at most risk young lactating mothers in need through an established network of partners. These partners include other nonprofit programs that provide food to the hungry.

How Many People Are Suffering from Poverty?

According to the most recent Global Hunger Index report, Kenya’s food security is worsening, and for every three Kenyans, one is grappling with severe food insecurity and poor nutrition. 20% cent of Kenyans do not meet the required dietary needs that can sustain a healthy and productive life. The case is worse for young and vulnerable lactating mothers in the slums and informal settlements of Nairobi’s Eastlands considering that a young mother has to breastfeed while she is hungry! Their children too struggle with hunger and do not meet the required dietary needs that can sustain healthy and productive life.

Who Receives Food from Local Food Pantries?

Young and at most risk lactating mothers in slums and informal settlements of Nairobi’s Eastlands are our priority. Hunger and undernutrition are often linked to extreme poverty and lack of access to available, sufficient, nutritious food. Miss Eastlands Food Pantry’s program focuses on food security and livelihoods programs that aims to empower vulnerable young lactating mothers and their children in the local community to improve their access to food, income, and markets. During the six-months lactation period, we train and build the capacity of the young at most risk mothers. We help them on how to identify income generating activities (IGAs) through selection, planning and management (SPM) approach and ultimately train them on how to save using the Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILCs) methodology to increase production and market their income generating activities.

Miss Eastlands Food Pantries Services for Hungry Young and Vulnerable Families

Through storefront pantries, produce and mobile distributions in 12 constituencies, young and vulnerable lactating mothers and their children count on the Miss Eastlands Food Pantries when they are mostly in need. Currently, through our partners, our food pantry program provides the self-stable groceries to Eastlands’ families suffering from food insecurity and hunger. The Miss Eastlands Food Pantry is honored to provide more than 50 families meals since the outbreak of Coronavirus in 2020.

What Is Food Pantry

Our food pantry provides food directly to the young and vulnerable lactating mothers who may not have enough food to eat. If you have food in excess, you can contact us and find out how we can distribute them to the people we serve. Food pantries are often the only source of free healthy and nutritious food in a neighborhood. Through our partners, we also provide other critical resources including nutrition education, health screenings, seasonal food baskets and babies supplies. Our community food pantry directly serves young and vulnerable lactating mothers who suffer from hunger and food insecurity within Eastlands Nairobi.

We heavily rely on business partners, well-wishers and like minded stakeholders to provide a steady supply of dehydrated fresh produce, dairy products, breads, along with a wide range of canned goods. We supplement donations from local businesses, congregations and organizations, as well as from wholesalers with baby items.

Eligibility For Food Pantry Assistance

What Is Food Pantry

Have you wondered how to qualify for food? In Eastlands, eligibility for assistance is determined by the Department of Community Outreach and Extension Program (COEP) and Young Family Services Department.

Mobile and Produce Distribution Locations

We try to meet the people we serve where they are so that we can help them better their lives. That means taking the food to communities where young and vulnerable families are suffering from food insecurity and hunger. We currently travel to 12 constituencies in Nairobi County at least once per month.

Miss Eastlands Food Pantries Locations

We offer one storefront at our main office located at Donholm, Behind Equity Bank, next to Mates Hotel and another distribution location at Luckysummer to serve young and vulnerable lactating mothers in need.

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we Receive Cartons Of Dehydrated Food From SERV Internal Through Our Local Partner, The Baptist Volunteers Mission.

We were very thankful and honored to receive cartons of relief food from our local partner, The Baptist Volunteers Mission Director, Mr. Shem Okello to distribute to the young and vulnerable lactating mothers during the Coronavirus pandemic.

SERV’s food products is a fortified, highly nutritious blend of dehydrated vegetables and is packed with such an amazing blend of nutrients that the human body needs, especially the young and vulnerable lactating mothers.

And to all our other special partners, thank you for the support.


Miss Eastlands Food Pantry In Distribution Leading Hunger Relief In Soweto Slums

Residents of Soweto slums and informal settlements were happy to receive foodstuffs and sanitizers from the Shree Lohana Mahajan Mandal Foundation during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.


Meals Made Possible in 2020


Households per week received food assistance.


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