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Miss EastlandSmile provides you with a buying and selling platform to benefit vulnerable youth and young at most risk lactating mothers. Experience feel-good shopping with Miss EastlandSmile. When you join Miss EastlandSmile you can generate donations by shopping at the charity online shop and we’ll donate 5% of eligible purchases to your favourite charitable cause. Find ways to give that fit your passions at no fees, no extra cost.

Buying to benefit our charity cause

Miss EastlandSmile buyers can donate to their favorite cause in the following ways:
Buy items from sellers committed to donating all or part of the proceeds to our charity cause. Browse all listings from your favorite charity in the Miss EastlandSmile Charity Shop.

When you check out, 5% will be donated to your favorite charity cause. Browse for your preferred charity cause and select them as your favorites, then every time you pay for items on Miss EastlandSmile you’ll have the option to also donate to a favorite charity cause. Alternatively, you can donate to our charity cause where hundreds of young and vulnerable lactating mothers created Miss EastlandSmile Charity Lists of items they need right now. Simply browse, order, and enjoy giving.


Sellers have two options when listing items to benefit Miss Eastlands Organization’s charity cause.

Donate up to 100% of your final sales price to support your chosen charity cause. You can customize the donation percentage and the charity you want to support for each individual listing. The minimum donation amount is 10% for Miss EastlandSmile listings.

You can associate Miss EastlandSmile username with a specific charity cause. All sales associated with this username are considered direct selling for the charity, and 100% of selling proceeds will benefit that named charity cause. When your item sells, you don’t have to do anything. Four weeks after the sale, Miss EastlandSmile will collect the donation from you. When you list your items with Miss EastlandSmile listings, the organization’s logo and description will appear in your listing description. The organization can request to have the listing canceled if they prefer not to be associated with the listing.


This is a program for delivering food and services to the young and vulnerable lactating mothers to fight hunger and poverty while giving hope and promoting stability.

When families can’t afford enough to eat, they often can’t meet other basic needs as well such as housing, employment, healthcare, and more. Miss Eastlands Food Pantry helps provide meals to young and vulnerable lactating mothers in need through a network of donors, businesses, individual well-wishers, food banks and helps address root causes of hunger in slums and informal settlements.


Soccer for edutainment and empowerment is our focus. We emphasize on providing individual players a pathway to the National Team representation for our most talented within the Eastlands, but just as important, to offer a promotion/relegation structure to Eastlands’ teams and players to develop their talents and get exposure to play at an elite level for self-reliance and resiliency as well as expose Eastlands’ training fields for provision of facilities from sponsors and cater for all levels of ability within our community, ranging from Discovery Phase all the way through to our Veterans (Masters).

Our Motto Is: “If for whatever reason our youngsters don’t become elite footballers for self-reliance and resilience, there is no doubt that they will become healthy and well-balanced members of our community taking into consideration the mentoring and education they receive in a safe funloving environment of Eastlands where Football is first and foremost fun.”


The aim of the project is to establish and increase the effectiveness and impact on the Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) Groups by strengthening their financial asset and improving the financial asset base of SILC members. The first outcome and impact of SILC is Strengthening Human Assets. The vulnerable youth and at most risk young lactating mothers will be able to learn the skills that are critical to helping them increase and diversify their micro-businesses. In the process, they will also be taught by SILC facilitators how to better manage and incrementally grow their own small resources, thus providing an outlet for them to learn basic financial literacy. As the members continue to save, access credit and repay their loans responsibly, SILC allows them to develop healthy financial behaviors that could potentially make them good clients for formal micro-finance institutions.


Apart from being our programs Awareness Creation Platform, Miss Eastlands® Beauty Pageant is a unique competition to provide platform to Eastlands’ models and artists looking for a BIG breakthrough in our causes. Mr & Miss Eastlands® Nairobi is selected from 12 Male and 12 Female Contestants across the 12 constituencies making the Eastlands Nairobi.

The Annual Bodybuilding Awards is Eastlands’ event showcasingbodybuilding, strength sports and fitness aimed at educating and entertaining fans and athletes in the bodybuilding industry. Bodybuilding and Fitness is a truly Eastlands’ phenomenon and as such Miss Eastlands® Organization is dedicated to putting a spotlight on bodybuilding and fitness in Eastlands and beyond. Miss Eastlands® Organization is devoted to showcasing localized content and attention to talent and muscle built across Nairobi’s Eastlands.

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