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We are now fundraising for washable and reusable masks for the most vulnerable people in slums and informal settlements of Eastlands Nairobi. Feel free to donate any amount and share some words of encouragement.


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Reigning Miss Eastlands

Name: Eveleen Mingoye
Charity Causes: Fundraising & Advocacy

In 2015, Miss Eveleen championed the Fund Drive for our renowned Former female World Boxing Champion Conjestina Achieng, to undergo treatment in India for schizo-affective disorder. Conjestina is remembered as a former World Boxing Super Middleweight champion and a two-time World Boxing Council middleweight title winner. She has also won the World Boxing Federation, Global Boxing Union and World Boxing International Federation titles. “I made a stab at helping the renowned boxer by mobilizing well-wishers to raise funds to enable Conjestina undergo treatment in India.” Said the beauty queen. “Regrettably, she has never been well to date.” She lamented.

Anti-Jigger Campaign


In 2016, Miss Eastlands was involved in the anti-jigger campaign, education and training on preventive measures. For example, to completely eradicate jiggers, the victims’ homes are thoroughly fumigated. Animals that are likely to carry the fleas should also be treated. Miss Eastlands in partnership with Ahadi Kenya educated victims and their families on the need to observe hygiene. We encourage wearing of shoes to ensure that the flea does not find entry into one’s feet. In infested areas, people are advised to check their feet daily for freshly burrowing jiggers which are visible as small black spots which cause an itchy sensation.


Peace Campaigns Towards 2017 Elections

Miss Eastlands, Eveleen Mingoye was nominated as Nairobi’s Peace Ambassador by the Nairobi County Peace Committee. Nairobi County Peace Committee envisages a society where communities live in peace with each other, have equal access to justice and are cognizant of the rule of law. The mission of the Nairobi Peace Committee is to build partnerships with stakeholders to promote community-driven peace building and conflict resolution through alternative dispute resolution. As a peace ambassador, Miss Eveleen ensured all aspirants for the position of Nairobi Governor signed a leadership commitment to promote peace in all political campaigns and ensure that their supporters conduct themselves appropriately during the election period. The signing of peace agreement ensured a tendency to individualize responsibility for peace; and peace messaging.

Fighting Drugs & Substance Use

Miss Eastlands together with the founder of goinghomedotcom, David Ogot pose for a photo with reformed persons who were earlier addicted to alcohol. Goinghomedotcom Trust touches lives through inspiration and has been in the forefront in the fight against stigma surrounding alcoholism and drug addiction. Miss Eastlands’ role helped in raising funds for edutainment and awareness creation on alcoholism and drug addiction during the national awareness month (October, 2018).

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Covid-19 Pandemic Relief for Young & Vulnerable Lactating Mothers

MISS EASTLANDS ORGANIZATION through her Ambassador, Miss Eveleen Mingoye, has taken a frontline in making sure that through well-wishers’ and individuals’ contributions, she is able to distribute masks, sanitizers and foodstuff to the young and vulnerable lactating mothers in the slums and informal settlements of Nairobi’s Eastlands. The Eastlands COVID-Solidarity Response Support is an organization’s initiative to relieve people who we are serving in Eastlands from hunger and risk of contracting Coronavirus. You can also donate on our GoFundMe link to help us secure washable masks for Eastlanders. Let’s MASK NAIROBI NOW.

Although it is risky to go out and distribute the donations, we have been cautious, and trying to be orderly in distributing the donated items. A part from the distribution of items, my team and I conduct trainings and education on the containment of the virus to limit its spread. We have been careful enough and teaching the community on how to take care of themselves from this contagious disease.” Says the beauty queen. “This is an essential service to humanity and we cannot sit back and see our brothers and sisters die from Covid and hunger.” She added.

Prevention is key and we can help the less fortunate. Only $50 cents will give a reusable/washable mask to an impoverished person in Eastlands’ slums and informal settlements to flatten the curve of the deadly disease and to prevent hundreds of thousands from dying. Even a dollar could save two lives. 100% of the funds are going to purchase masks which are being Read Proposal immediately distributed to save lives.

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